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Our flexible alloy wheel refurbishment packages are all designed to make getting your wheels back to OEM standard as easy - and convenient - as possible.


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Select the package that suits you, tell us a few details about your wheel(s) and how you’ll get them to us, choose extras like a valet or courtesy car, then sit back and relax.



Wheel(s) are chemically stripped then primed for longevity, before being powder coated using only OEM approved powder paint, to your selected colour, diamond cut (if required) and finished in a high gloss lacquer.


Condition Wheels

Your refurbished wheel(s) will be returned to you in pristine OEM condition, with the finish guaranteed by us for 12 months from the date of your refurbishment.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Refurbish up to 4000 wheels per month back to OEM standard

  • Trusted by Europe's leading car distributors

  • Rapid turnarounds complete service under one roof

  • We provide diamond cutting & bespoke colouring

  • We refurbish all models & damage types

Our Packages

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Bronze Package

Bring your wheels to us - off the car and without tyres.

From £50 per wheel

Package includes:
  • Full remanufacture
  • Collection & Delivery (optional)
  • Post & Pack (optional)
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Silver Package

Bring us your wheels - off the car and with tyres on.

From £65 per wheel

Package includes:
  • Full remanufacture
  • Refitting of tyres
  • New tyre valves
  • Wheel balancing
  • Collection & Delivery (optional)
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Gold Package

Bring your car to us, we will securely store your car and take care of everything else.

From £80 per wheel

Package includes:
  • Wheel removal and refitment
  • Secure vehicle storage up to 5 days
  • Full remanufacture
  • Refitting of tyres
  • New tyre valves
  • Wheel balancing
  • Tyre pressure check
  • Wheel bolts torque
  • Courtesy car (optional)
  • Valet (optional)
  • Collection & Delivery (optional)
Choose Package
Wheel removal and refitment No No Yes
Secure vehicle storage up to 5 days No No Yes
Full remanufacture Yes Yes Yes
Refitting of tyres No Yes Yes
New tyre valves No Yes Yes
Wheel balancing No Yes Yes
Tyre pressure check No No Yes
Wheel bolts torque No No Yes
Courtesy car No No optional
Valet No No optional
Collection & Delivery optional optional optional
Post & Pack optional No No
Choose Package Choose Package Choose Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading quality backed up with first class customer service. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Why use The Wheel Company?

    We are the largest alloy wheel remanufacturing company in the North East and offer the highest quality OEM remanufacture that a repair centre can offer, and at competitive prices!

    Our alloy remanufacturing experts have the very best equipment at their disposal, all located in our state-of-the-art workshop making our process consistently faster and more efficient than our competitors.

    We are also are very conveniently located for customers in the North East area, offer a quick turnaround with friendly flexible service.

  • What types of damage can you repair?

    We can repair almost any type of alloy wheel damage. We are usually dealing with three main types of damage – Corrosion, Kerb damage and scuffed wheels.

    Corrosion and scuffed wheels can always be repaired as the wheel is stripped back to bare metal which removes any sign of corrosion, before being sealed
    and resprayed.

    99% of the time we can repair kerb damage, however there will be rare instances when a wheel is totally un-repairable. If your wheel is very badly kerb
    damaged, please contact us and we will advise you whether it can be repaired.

  • How long does the refurbishment / repair take?

    Standard Colour Range – 1-3 business days
    Special Colour Range – Up to 4 business days
    Diamond Cut wheels – Up to 5 business days
    Structural repairs (straightening) – 95% of wheels are straightened while a customer waits. For badly buckled wheels we offer next day service at the worst.

  • Do you carry out SMART repairs?

    No – Smart repairs or kerbside repairers for alloy wheels have grown dramatically over recent years. They concentrate on the fast roadside cosmetic repair which usually involves masking the problem, which will more than likely cause more damage to the wheel.

    The Wheel Company are a factory-based remanufacturer who concentrate on producing long lasting, durable finish by totally stripping the wheel back to its original base and starting again with the wheel, which can only be done by removing the tyre and controlled processes in a quality-controlled environment.

    Most diamond cut finishes require lathe process that cannot be replicated by van-based operators.

  • Can you collect the wheels or car from my home?

    Yes, we offer a range of collection and delivery services to make the process as easy and hassle free as possible for our customers:

    • Collection & Delivery – We can collect your wheels with or without tyres or car within a radius of 30 miles from Seaham provided you can be flexible with the collection date & time, extra charges will apply. Please note. Collection of your car is only available when selecting the gold package and an extra charge will apply.
    • Post & Pack (available when selecting the bronze package only) – Our Post & Pack service couldn’t be more simple, we will send you the correct shipping boxes and packing material, then organise for the wheels (no tyres) to be collected from the convenience of your own home or location of your choice. Once remanufactured, the wheels will be returned to you via courier
  • What process do you use to refurbish the wheels?

    Our process involves totally stripping the wheel back to its original base and starting again with the wheel, in order to produce a long lasting, durable finish. You can read about our full process here.

  • Do you remove the existing paint finish?

    Yes. The wheels are completely stripped back to the alloy, repaired if necessary and repainted through a multiple paint application process.

  • Do the wheels need balancing after the refurbishment?

    On all of our Silver and Gold packages we always balance the wheels after the full refurbishment process. We also fit new standard valves as part of the process unless advised otherwise.

  • What if the wheels are heavily kerbed and scraped?

    We can repair almost all kerb damaged wheels, on many occasions the damage can look worse than it really is. The best option is full refurbishment as we completely strip away the old paint from the wheel, in most cases the worst of the damage is to the thick paint surface. If, after this, the aluminium is still damaged we have many techniques like re-welding aluminium and profiling/machining of the wheels.

  • What if my wheels have started to bubble or are already badly corroded and the paint is flaking?

    Our full refurbishment process will also restore wheels like this. It is better to do it sooner rather than later because once the protective paint layer is damaged corrosion can start to destroy the wheel even to the point where you can start to lose tyre pressure.

  • Will my wheels look as good as new?

    Yes they will, it is very hard to see any difference between our refurbished wheels and a brand new wheel. Only in cases where the wheel is severely corroded or has a bad casting from the factory can it be difficult to achieve our top quality finish. But there are many times when our finish looks better and even lasts longer than the one from the manufacturer. See our ‘Terms & Conditions’ or contact us to discuss the condition of your wheels.

  • What colours can you do?

    We stock most of the wheel manufacturers’ colours, plus we are able to mix any colour you want – even the same colour as your car.

  • Can you refurbish 2 or 3 piece alloy wheels?

    Yes, we can accommodate, completely disassemble, refurbish and reassemble most manufacturers split rims, but it takes much longer than one piece wheels. Depending on the design the repair will take between 3-5 days and the price of the repair will be more than that of a standard one-piece wheel. Please contact us to discuss your specific type of wheel.

  • What if I already purchased the tyres and I want to fit them?

    You can save money by fitting your own tyres, please just drop off the alloys without any tyres.

  • What is a diamond cut wheel?

    A diamond cut wheel is one that has been firstly painted and after painting or powder coating the outer face of the wheel is cut back on a lathe. The wheel is then lacquered to produce the overall effect. Diamond cut wheels typically have a gloss alloy face with contrasting dark wheel body.

  • Can any wheel be diamond cut?

    Unfortunately, no. Generally, wheels come diamond cut. Sometimes a diamond cut finish can be applied to a non-diamond wheel, but this is not always possible so call us if you want advice on this. In most cases, we can only apply a diamond cut finish to wheels that are already diamond cut.

  • How long does the diamond cut finish last?

    Diamond cut wheels generally do not retain their finish for as long as a powder coated wheel. Any damage to the lacquer, however small, can allow water ingress which discolours the lacquer.